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Exterior Assessment


Vehicle Valuation:

Buying, selling and managing a vehicle fleet includes managing many details that impact the true value of each asset, and CSI’s proprietary technology delivers clear optics on the dings, dents and imperfections that impact your fleet’s bottom line.

Adomea: CSI’s advanced automotive exterior evaluation technology.

Adomea is the first application of digital analysis in the vehicle repair industry and is more accurate than any other method by using an accurate digital scan to evaluate the exterior of a car. This reduces the need for supplemental approvals and boosts owner confidence in the condition of their vehicle.

The technology captures exterior blemishes not visible to the naked eye, eliminating the “estimate” in estimating and providing an accurate audit of vehicle condition to support valuation or repair.

Adomea Assessments help to:

  • Eliminate waste and variances in the claims and repair process
  • Saves time
  • Improves accuracy
  • Expedites repair
  • Increases volume of repairs
  • Instills confidence in reimbursement values
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction

This is How it Works

Vehicles are scanned inside a Mobile Assessment Center Powered by Adomea™

Within minutes the exterior is studied, and the generated results of the car’s condition and repair needs are sent to:

  • Insurance carriers
  • Repair professionals
  • Vehicle owners

CSI’s Mobile Assessment Centers powered by Adomea are deployed in cooperation with major insurance carriers in response to hail storm events.